TypeScript Development Workshop

TypeScript Development Workshop
Instructor: Dan Wahlin

Course Length: 1 Days

Course Description

In this workshop you'll be introduced to key language features found in ES2015 and TypeScript and learn what both languages have to offer. Learn how to convert ES2015 and TypeScript to ES5 so that it can run in any browser, classes, maps/sets, destructuring, types, interfaces, generics, modules, debugging techniques, as well as many more language features. 


Attendees must have prior experience working with JavaScript, HTML and CSS to take this class. A minimum of 6-months of hands-on JavaScript experience is recommended to get the most out of the course.


This course is designed for developers looking to learn how TypeScript can be used to build web applications.

Course Outline

  • TypeScript Overview
  • Debugging TypeScript
  • Getting Started with TypeScript
  • Getting Started with ES2015
  • Basic Types
  • Functions
  • Optional, Rest, and Default Parameters
  • Classes
  • Interfaces
  • Generics
  • Namespaces and Modules


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