TypeScript Fundamentals (Pluralsight)

TypeScript Fundamentals (Pluralsight)
Instructor: Dan Wahlin,John Papa

Course Description

TypeScript is an open source language that provides support for building enterprise scale JavaScript applications. Although several patterns exist that can be used to structure JavaScript, TypeScript provides container functionality that object-oriented developers are familiar with, such as classes and modules. It also supports strongly-typed code to ensure inappropriate values aren't assigned to variables in an application. This course will walk you through the key concepts and features that you need to know to get started with TypeScript, and use it to build enterprise scale JavaScript applications. You'll learn the role that TypeScript plays as well as key features that will help jump-start the learning process.

View this course at http://www.pluralsight.com.


Previous experience working with JavaScript, HTML and CSS.


Developers looking to learn how TypeScript can be used to build applications.

Course Outline

  • Getting Started with TypeScript
  • Typing, Variables and Functions
  • Classes and Interfaces
  • Modules


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