Mastering JavaScript (with ES2015 and TypeScript)

Course Description

The Web has changed a lot over the years as user interfaces have moved from displaying static data to more dynamic and flexible data. At the center of this change is JavaScript – one of the most popular languages around. To develop today's modern Web applications a solid understanding of JavaScript is essential especially given that JavaScript can be used on the client-side and server-side now.

In the Mastering JavaScript (with ECMAScript 6 and TypeScript) course you'll dive into key features of the language that will take your JavaScript skills to the next level. Learn the ins-and-outs of prototypical inheritance, how to create factories, working with constructors, dealing with "this", and key patterns that can be used to structure your AngularJS code such as the Revealing Module Pattern, Prototype Pattern, and others. You'll also learn about data binding techniques that can be used in JavaScript and libraries that can be used to significantly reduce the amount of code you write. Finally, you'll learn about new ECMAScript 6 (ES6) features (and how you can even use them today in your applications even if the browsers you target don't support it) as well as about TypeScript and how it can be used to add strong types into code.


Dan Wahlin

Course Length

4 Days

You Will Learn

  1. The role of prototypical inheritance
  2. How to create JavaScript factories
  3. The role of the constructor
  4. Prototypal Inheritance
  5. Key JavaScript patterns that can be used to clean up your code
  6. How to create custom JavaScript objects
  7. Client-Side Data binding techniques that can minimize code
  8. Key ECMAScript 6 Features
  9. Using ECMASCript 6 Today with specialized tools
  10. Getting Started with TypeScript


Previous programming experience with JavaScript is recommended to get the most out of this course. Although a short JavaScript primer will be provided at the beginning of the course, you should already be comfortable using the language.


This course is valuable for developers who are interested in building applications using the JavaScript programming language.

Course Outline

  1. JavaScript Primer
  2. JavaScript and the DOM
  3. JavaScript and HTML5
  4. JavaScript Objects
  5. Function Techniques
  6. JavaScript Patterns
  7. Data Binding and Templates
  8. ECMAScript 2015
  9. TypeScript

Private Onsite/Online Pricing for Development Teams

Class pricing is based on the number of class days and number of students in class. We normally allow up to 24 students per class.

The course pricing includes student access to an electronic version of the course manual, lab manual, sample code and lab code. Courses can also be customized if you'd like to run a shorter or longer version of the course.

If you'd like more information on pricing or want to schedule a class for your development team please contact us and we'll be happy to provide addition details.

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