Kubernetes for Developers: Deploying Your Code (Pluralsight)

Kubernetes for Developers: Deploying Your Code (Pluralsight)
Instructor: Dan Wahlin

Course Description

Deploying code to different environments can be challenging. In this course, Kubernetes for Developers: Deploying Your Code, you’ll learn about different deployment techniques that can be used to ensure your code and applications work correctly. First, you'll discover how deployments work in Kubernetes, this includes showing how to define a deployment using YAML and migrate it to Kubernetes using the kubectl tool. Then, you'll explore how rolling deployments work, the benefits they offer, and how you can roll back a deployment if something goes wrong. Next, you'll delve into Canary deployments, the role they can play to ensure code updates run properly, and when they're appropriate to use, followed by Blue-Green deployments. From there, you'll learn about jobs and CronJobs, and how to run a one-time job or even run a job on a schedule using the Cron format. Finally, you'll explore different monitoring and troubleshooting tools such as Prometheus and Grafana that can be used to monitor Kubernetes and provide alerts when things go wrong, along with key troubleshooting commands that you can run to obtain more information about problems that arise. When you’re finished with this course, you’ll have the skills and knowledge required to deploy your code and ensure it works properly in a Kubernetes cluster.

View the course at http://www.pluralsight.com.


Prior experience working with Kubernetes and containers.


Developers looking to deploy their code to Kubernetes.

Course Outline

  • Course Overview
  • Kubernetes Deployment Overview
  • Performing Rolling Update Deployments
  • Performing Canary Deployments
  • Performing Blue-Green Deployments
  • Running Jobs and CronJobs
  • Performing Monitoring and Troubleshooting Tasks
  • Putting It All Together


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