Docker Containers Core Concepts

Instructor: Dan Wahlin

Course Length: 2 Days

Course Description

The Docker Containers Core Concepts course provides an engaging look at the Docker platform and the role it can play in your development environment and DevOps workflow. You'll learn about the many benefits that Docker provides, how you can use it in your development environment to work with web servers, databases (and more), key Docker tools and commands that you need to learn to use Docker effectively, how to work with images and containers, as well as how to get a fully functional development environment up and running both locally and in the cloud. Learn about the many benefits that Docker offers and the productivity boost it can bring to your Web development projects. The course will also provide a gentle introduction to Kubernetes and how it can be used to orchestrate containers in your enterprise.

If you've heard about Docker and been wondering what all of the hype is about then this course is for you!

This course is taught by Dan Wahlin, a member of the Docker Captains group.


Development experience is recommended as well as experience working with the command-line on Windows, Mac or Linux.


This course is designed for developers and DevOps engineers interested in integrating Docker into their development and production workflow.

Course Outline

  • Why Use Docker as a Developer?
  • Using Docker Tools
  • Hooking Your Source Code into a Container
  • Building Custom Images with Dockerfile
  • Managing Containers with Docker Compose
  • Container Orchestration with Kubernetes


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